Optus working to restore mobile services and provide assistance to bush fire volunteers

22 December 2001, 9:00 am

Optus is working hard to restore mobile services in fire-damaged areas – bringing in portable power generators and mobile base stations. In addition, Optus has also sent 100 prepaid mobile phones and over $10,000 worth of recharge cards to the NSW Rural Fire Service to be distributed to firefighters and affected families. Paul Kitchin, Director … Read more

Optus launches international SMS for Christmas

21 December 2001, 9:00 am

Optus Mobile customers can now exchange international SMS (short message service) with their friends and colleagues overseas following the launch of international SMS capabilities. Paul Kitchin, Director Mobile Marketing for Optus, said international SMS would further add to the rapid growth of SMS usage. “Our customers currently send over 10 million SMS messages a week … Read more

Optus makes Australia’s first 3G calls

13 December 2001, 9:00 am

Optus has made Australia’s first live 3G (third generation) calls confirming its position as the leader in mobile data innovation in Australia. Keir Preedy, Acting Managing Director Mobile for Optus, said the 3G calls were made over the last week using Nokia equipment. “Working with Nokia, we have a fully functioning 3G laboratory in Sydney … Read more

Optus Internet Intrusion

9 December 2001, 9:00 am

03 Nov 1999 At 4.30am today, there was an unauthorised intrusion into the Optus Internet and Microplex network. Cable & Wireless Optus views this intrusion as a serious breach of security and has informed the police. The intrusion allowed limited access to details of Optus Internet and Microplex customers. It did not allow access to … Read more

Optus positions for national satellite success

5 December 2001, 9:00 am

In a precise two-hour operation, Optus has lowered into position a 13 tonne, 13 metre satellite dish that will track, control and transmit to Australia’s newest satellite when it launches next year. Positioned by crane, the new satellite dish will be placed on a 10 tonne pedestal base, joining three other major dishes at Optus’s … Read more